We love a challenge. Nothing makes us feel more satisfied than solving complex problems for our clients using innovative software technologies. We enjoy learning about your business processes so that we can design and build solutions that look good, are easy to use, and deliver desired results. When not coding we love learning new software development techniques to stay ahead of the needs of the market, but we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. We firmly believe in sharing our skills both with clients and the community, that’s why we actively support training and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

At Competa Millman, we put the society around us first.

FTS Foundation

Fair Trade Software is an economic model to produce software to international standards whilst giving IT professionals in developing countries the chance to learn best working practice and build skills they can use on projects in their own countries.

We are proud to be part of the success of Fair Trade Software. Nairobi based firm BTI Millman was one of the first companies in Africa to join the Fair Trade Software Foundation in 2011, together with Competa IT in the Netherlands who founded the initiative. Our collaboration based on co-development partnerships and commitment to Fair Trade principles has continued ever since, resulting in the formation of Competa Millman in 2017.

An independent Foundation governs and runs the Fair Trade Software initiative with a growing number of partners and projects around the world.