Agile Development

We understand that markets can change overnight and tomorrow’s business requirements may be uncertain. That’s why we use Agile project management methods (Scrum) to quickly deliver a “minimum viable product” based on a client’s initial requirements. The prototype product is then given to the end users early in the project lifecycle, generating valuable feedback to guide the software development process further. This short “discover-design-develop-deploy-feedback” cycle is repeated over fixed durations of time, normally two weeks, to ensure new system features are added based on real-world user needs.

Using Scrum allows us to focus on users and business value. This results in greater transparency, faster implementation, predictable delivery, predictable implementation costs and improved quality. Tailor-made end products meeting all the requirements without wasting effort or missing the intended goal.

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Our systems are designed to plug into and play with existing or new business processes. We develop stand-alone platforms or add custom features to legacy systems that can run in the cloud, on premise, or for mobile environments.

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We provide scrum teams with all the skills required to deliver Enterprise IT projects, large or small. Regular client meetings review progress and plan for the work ahead, allowing continuous adaptation to client feedback and maximum transparency throughout the project.

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